EMCC Electronics is an authorized Canadian integrator for the Fox DataDiode

The Fox DataDiode provides certified protection by stopping private or classified data from leaving a local area network, but still provides a safe connection to the outside world so that external data can be brought into your network.  It is a hardware device consisting of a one-way fibre-optic link - information can be added to your network, but nothing can get out.  It is manufactured by
Fox IT, Delft, The Netherlands.  It is used:
in military installations for bringing sensor data into a network for processing, while ensuring that classified data cannot escape.
to acquire data from remote office branches for merging with central company records, while keeping the resulting data safe.
anywhere external network information is transmitted to a private, secure network.
The Fox DataDiode:
uses fibre-optic network cables instead of copper to ensure that information cannot be emitted on the network cables.
is certified to Common Criteria EAL 7+ and approved for NATO SECRET (NS) deployments.
can be used on its own with customer’s software.
Applications can be written to use UDP transmissions through the DataDiode without additional software.  Optionally, the Fox DataDiode appliance or Fox DataDiode for Windows/Linux software allows existing applications to continue to transmit data into the network without modifications, but with the added safety of a guaranteed one-way link.  Protocols supported are TCP, UDP, FTP, NTP, SMTP, and others.
For manufacturer's information on the DataDiode, including some application examples, click here for the Fox-IT web site.
For more information on Fox-IT and their complete line of products and services, please click here.
For Canadian sales or other information, as well as examples of existing applications in Canada, please contact Bruce Mac Donald at bruce@emccelectronics.com
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